Our approach is to create an ecosystem in which everyone’s success is contingent upon better health for patients. 

We achieve this by working across the healthcare value chain. 


Our businesses collaborate with physicians, payors and employers to align the economics with better results. We enable consumers to make better decisions.


We combine our expertise in healthcare economics with operations to drive transformation across the healthcare value chain. 


Recognizing that the physician has a unique and central role in guiding care delivery, BHG aligns financial incentives with quality outcomes and clinical accountability. BHG is creating a sustainable business model based on shared rewards between the providers, payors, and health plan sponsors. 


Our strategy is predicated on: 

  • Providing the business infrastructure which enables providers to focus on quality care delivery for their patients.
  • Partnering with payors that deliver shared rewards based on clinical outcomes. Success is improving clinical performance, savings for health plans and employers, and rewarding the physicians for driving results.
  • Providing operational guidance, systems, technology, and business acumen to streamline operations for greater efficiency and increased productivity.   
  • Developing consumer tools that empower patients — in collaboration with their providers —  to make informed healthcare decisions.